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Satisfy Your Smart-Home Curiosity

What’s consecutive massive technology set to remodel home living? you'll keep prior to the curve by subscribing to the new good Home nowadays podcast from the National Association of REALTORS® and therefore the Westwood One Podcast Network. The weekly podcast, that launched March fouris additionally a supply of contemporary content to share with shoppers.

“I have continuously admired technology. once I was associate 8- or 9-year-old player, I accustomed record myself on open-reel tape recorders. That was in all probability the primary burst of technology in my life,” says podcast host Stephen Gasque. “Since then, something that’s obstructed into the wall, wired, or wireless—I need to understand regarding it.”

Since 2016, Gasque has been covering smart-home technology as a part of the weekly radio show assets nowadaysthat he additionally hosts. “It’s been terribly inhowever I needed to urge into these subjects with additional depth—longer conversations with consultants in those fields,” he says. “Our angle isn't identical as most school podcasts, wherever they’re examination and reviewing merchandisewe have a tendency to refer what these technologies mean to your real estate—the price, the concerns at resale—whether the subject is what to try and do once you have zero telephone bars or a way to charge your Tesla.

“One of the items we have a tendency to talked regarding last week, and I’m most excited regarding, is what smart-home technology means that to folks with quality issues,” Gasque says, “because it speaks to however our senior voters and wounded warriors will have a far better life. NAR is all regarding enhancing the buyer expertise in their home.